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A Breakfast Restaurant Serves Up a Fresh Expansion Trick

Retail centers have a lot of food options they can add. Most of them are lunch and dinner - But what about breakfast or brunch?

Photo Courtesy of CoStar.

Orlando, Florida-based Another Broken Egg Café is adding locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas or Texas.

The franchise has signed 10 new franchise agreements for 31 locations spread across those states.

The latest deals mark the first major wave of growth since the franchise was acquired in November 2017 by New York-private equity firm The Beekman Group.

The newest locations feature the a more prominent bar area, which is the brand’s first new store design in years.

The bar sales make up about 11% of their business.

Locations tend to be in tourist areas and near universities.

Total investment in a single location ranges from $510,600 to nearly $1.2 million. Each new franchisee has to be able to open three locations.

When searching for locations, the goal is to find premium spots, even if it means taking over space emptied by a failed restaurant.

The company looks for 3,500 to 4,200 square feet, preferably space at the end of a shopping center that has a patio area.

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