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Click-and-Collect Shopping Soaring

Have you ever placed an online order for pickup instead of delivery? This trend is becoming even more popular with shoppers who want to save delivery expenses or need the item quicker – and the retailers also benefit!

Photo Courtesy of ICSC.

Another study has confirmed the skyrocketing popularity of click-and-collect shopping- whereby shoppers order online and collect their merchandise in the store.

Adobe Analytics reports that click-and-collect jumped by 47 percent in November and December, from the comparable period in 2017.

That growth dwarfed the 16.5 percent growth in online sales. Best Buy, Home Depot, Target and Walmart all reported such increases.

Store pickup benefits consumers and retailers alike, as shoppers get their merchandise quicker, and retailers save on shipping costs.

There is a further benefit as well, whenever shoppers picking up the merchandise go on to buy additional items once they are at the store.

40 percent of Best Buy’s online sales involve in-store pickups.

2019 ICSC.

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