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Consumers Plan To Shop in Stores and Malls Again After Vaccination

Photo Courtesy of Konstantin L.

Consumers plan to return to normal out-of-home activities, including shopping in stores and malls, after getting their COVID-19 vaccines, according to ICSC’s latest Coronavirus Consumer Survey, for which ICSC surveyed 1,003 U.S. consumers between March 5 and 7.

Seventy-eight percent of adults have been or plan to get vaccinated. Of those, 24 percent have received at least one vaccine shot, 37 percent have an appointment or will sign up as soon as they become eligible and 16 percent likely will get vaccinated but prefer to wait a bit longer.

After being fully vaccinated:

  • 42 percent would be much more likely to vacation

  • 41 percent would dine indoors

  • 41 percent would shop inside physical stores

  • 37 percent would shop inside malls

  • 29 percent would visit personal service establishments

  • 29 percent would visit movie theaters

  • 26 percent would visit leisure/entertainment complexes, recreational sports facilities or casinos

  • 23 percent would work out at gyms

The vaccine could redirect some online sales back to stores, according to the survey. After getting vaccinated, 52 percent already have or likely will cut back on online orders shipped home because they will feel more comfortable visiting stores.

Of those who plan to be fully vaccinated, 48 percent likely will return to doing all the things they did pre-pandemic without concern of getting COVID-19. Broken down by age group, 58 percent of Millennials are likely to do so, while only 37 percent of Baby Boomers are.

Forty-eight percent of all U.S. consumers currently engage in a normal level of out-of-home activities. Sixty-one percent of all Millennials do so, while 33 percent of all Boomers do so. Of U.S. consumers not engaged in a normal level of out-of-home activities, 49 percent plan to get back to normal behavior by Labor Day, while 30 percent peg the timing to 2022 or beyond.

Consumers are growing more positive in their outlooks. 35 percent have a more positive opinion about the economy than they did a month ago, and 57 percent expect the economy to improve over the next 12 months. Seventy-three percent agree businesses should be open.

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