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Fitness Centers Flock To Shopping Centers

The days of stand alone Fitness Centers are dwindling as fitness tenants seek an existing customer base and foot traffic. Please read this article for critical information on how you should effectively market your shopping center to make the most of this future trend.

Photo Courtesy of ICSC.

The number of fitness centers in the U.S. has mushroomed in recent years, and many of those gyms are locating in retail centers.

In 2009 there were 86,992 fitness centers in the U.S., and this rose to 102,344 last year, up nearly 18 percent. They are anticipated to hit nearly 110,000 by 2023.

Over the past decade, the number of fitness center tenants in shopping centers has more than doubled.

Most shopping center fitness centers are in open-air neighborhood or community centers.

Traditional fitness centers exceed 15,000 square feet, while yoga/cross training/spin/dance studios typically measure between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet.

Fitness centers are a prime example of the type of experiential tenant that retail landlords are trying to incorporate in their centers, but they require careful handling when it comes to such issues as parking.

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