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Order Kiosks Prove to be One Solution for Labor Shortage

Posiflex, a Kiosk manufacture, claims that a self-service kiosk will save time and allow the staff to focus on providing better service. Will hiring less staff and dwindling face-to-face interactions be the wave of the future?

Photo Courtesy of NRN.

Restaurateurs are struggling harder than ever to find and retain good employees.

In April 2019, U.S. unemployment dipped to a 50-year low of 3.6 percent.

Rising hourly wages are slashing profits and turnover rates in U.S. restaurants are as high as 150 percent annually.

Posiflex Business Machines, a leading manufacturer of order kiosks and POS terminals for the foodservice industry, is introducing a new line of customer-facing terminals that enables restaurant guests to order for themselves.

It’s not surprising that customer-facing order kiosks are becoming increasingly popular options to offset labor challenges.

Using automated kiosks, customers can place their own orders and pay for them without employee assistance.

Staff is freed up to focus more on food and direct customer service.

2019 NRN.

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