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Retailers Step Up as More Shoppers Opt to Rent Rather Than Buy

Why would you purchase an expensive item that you will use only a couple of times - or spend a lot of money on designer furniture when you are planning to relocate? Let’s see why more retailers are now offering rental options…

Photo Courtesy of ICSC.

Younger people with disposable income are choosing to rent everything from clothing to coffee tables to Dyson vacuum cleaners.

They don’t necessarily want to commit, but they have disposable income, and they want nice brands and they appreciate good design.

Such companies as Rent the Runway and Fernish enable clients to obtain and use items for as long as they are actually needed. Some rent per item, others charge a monthly fee.

Rent the Runway offers customers the option to wear clothing and use items they normally could not afford to purchase outright.

Fernish is a furniture subscription service that gives you the high-quality, modern furniture you want without the commitment.

Several mall retailers have gotten in on the act too, among them American Eagle Outfitters, Express, Rebecca Taylor, REI, Vince and, in the near future, Urban Outfitters.

Items are delivered with return shipping labels to make the process as convenient as possible.

When the time comes to switch homes, this also frees people from the hassle of hiring moving trucks.

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